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Vicky Form is a Mexican lingerie company that has recently released a campaign called ”New commandments for women.”
They read,

1. I shall never call another woman a whore.
2. No one can convince me from not wearing a condom.
3. I shall never get pregnant just to keep a man by my side.
4. No one can judge me based on the number of people I’ve slept with.
5. Is my responsibility to fight for my own (woman) rights.
6. I will not tolerate any kind of violence towards myself.
7. I will not fear or be ashamed if I find myself attracted to woman.
8. It is my decision if i want to get married or not. (and don’t deserve to be judged for it.)

I find this campaign to be a ‘big deal’ for the fact that is released in Mexico. One of the most sexists, closed minded and underdeveloped countries in the world.

Not so many companies take the risk to make advertisements like this because they’re obviously going to be criticized and possibly be affected by it.

Someone is taking the risk, telling the truth, and trying to get to the minds of the people. Sharing the fact that we are all human, and have to be equally treated like it, leading to a better and more developed society.
Its a big step for Mexico, and for women.

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